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- “Schnee in der Neujahrsnacht”
(1999, Director: Thorsten Schmidt)
Particle animation of digital fireworks
(Feature Film)
- ”Milka”
(1999, Director: Thomas Thomas Nabbefeld)
Digital peanuts thrown by an elephant
- ”Samsonite”
(2000, Director: Steffen Döner)
A “non-explosiv” samsonite detonation
- “Fossil”
(2000, Director: Till Fuhrmeister)
Digital slowmotion rain in realtime scenes + digital pigeons in slowmotion
- “Der Pilot”
(2000, Director: Oliver Seiter)
Painted stars for Backgrounds
(Short Feature)
- “Indianer müssen früh ins Bett!"
(2001, Director: Jens Opatz)
TD, Facial removal by an animatronic to get more emotional expressions
(Short Feature)
- “Saturn/Blue I & II”
(2000/2002, Director: Matthias Zentner, Velvet/Black Mountain)
CubeFX, deconstruct a scene in cubes and build the next scene up by them...
- “Channel 9”
(2001, Director: Matthias Zentner Velvet/Black Mountain)
(Station ID)
- “Voxtours”
(2001, Director: Matthias Zentner Velvet/Black Mountain)
Conception, swarm fish animation and dolphins
- “Pombär + Kidletti”
(2001, Director: Peter Spans, Spans + Partner)
Modelling + Animation
- “Premiere Comedy”
(2001, Director: Peter Spans, Spans + Partner)
Animation + Rendering
- “Robert T-Online 3rd + 4th Flight”
(2001/2002, Director: Peter Spans, Spans + Partner)
Tracking and Matchmoving Supervision incl. live shooting

- “Was uns bewegt”
(2002, Director: Corinna Schwemer)
Did some neuron growing and simulate neuron activity while children learn
(Science Short)
- ”SEAT Cordoba”
(2003, Director: Matthias Zentner, Velvet/Black Mountain)
Tracking and Particle animation
- “S.C.S - Starship Cleaning Service”
(2003, Director: J. Wolfgang Harth)
3D Supervision, Tracking, VFX and PaintFX by Oliver Weber
(Short Feature)
- “Grippostad”
Supporting VFX smoke
- ”Anni & Boo”
(2003, Director: Johannes Weiland) additional Supporting VFX in smoke and dust
(Short Feature)
- “Sutas Ayran”
(2003, Director: Eric Will, Black Mountain)
Deformed ground animated with a huge amount of particle grass
- “HBO Asia”
(2003, Velvet/Black Mountain)
Moving cloth-structures
(Station ID)
-”A sound of thunder”
(2004, Black Mountain/Director: Peter Hyams)
Vegetation in 3D, done with heavy use of PFX
(feature film)
-”Trumpf - Die Welt in 100 Jahren”
(2004, Schokolade Filmproduktion)
Countdown Animation for Off-Text
- “Porsche 911/Boxter”
(2004, Schokolade Filmproduktion)
PFX Animation
(Design Animation for calender)
- “MBC3”
(2004, das werk Hamburg)
(station ID)
- “Cuetara/Oleosan”
(2005, Spans + Partner)
PFX Animation and VFX
- “Porsche Cayman”
(2005, Schokolade Filmproduktion)
PFX Animation and combined VFX
(Design Animation for calender)
- “McDonalds”
(2005, das Werk Hamburg)
PFX Matte Paintings in 2 1/2 D and VFX

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